Special Offer! Software Developer – Sourcing & Assessment

Looking to make more placements in Software Development? …
September 11, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Feature Update – Additional Search Criteria!

At Placement Partner, we strive to stay abreast of any developments…
September 4, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Feature Update – Time-Out Warning

Tired of being kicked out?

Fed up with losing work…
August 26, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Feature Upgrade – Shortlist from the QDB!

In another
brilliantly innovative move, our tech team has…
August 21, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Winter Warmer SMS Special

Is your budget taking some strain this winter? 

August 2, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Event Details – Advanced Interview Skills for Future Recruiters

Here are all the details you need to know for our latest…
July 31, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Feature Update – A Modern Twist on the Vacancy List!

The tech team have just completed the restyling of the iFrame…
July 18, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Gauteng – Advanced Interview Skills for Future Recruiters

We are very glad to announce that Placement Partner will…
July 11, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Feature Update – Advertising Keywords!

We live in an age where we are all forced to work through massive…
July 8, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Artificial Intelligence for Prioritized Search Results

Our developers have served up yet another great innovation…
June 11, 2019/by Kelly Millard

The Future of HR – Award Finalists Second Year Running!

Partner has once again achieved finalist status…
June 7, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Feature Update – Postbox Notes 2.0!

We have further modified the Notes feature with the aim…
May 30, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Advanced Interview Skills for the Future Recruiter

in partnership with

proudly presents

We recognize…
May 10, 2019/by Kelly Millard

The Customization Sale

This bundle is designed for recruiters who want to take…
April 11, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Referral Discount – Everyone’s a WINNER!

Did you know that when you refer a fellow recruiter to Placement…
March 18, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Streamline Your Candidates’ Application Process

Our new application system allows your candidates to apply in…
March 6, 2019/by Kelly Millard

The Art of Persuasion – Gauteng 2019

Recruiters of Gauteng - Are you ready to level up?
February 4, 2019/by Kelly Millard

Basic In-House Training Session

Hello and Happy New Year to all…
January 10, 2019/by Bronwyn

Christmas SMS Special

December 6, 2018/by Bronwyn

Black Friday Special!

If you were at the APSO Recruiter Indaba, you’d have heard…
November 15, 2018/by Placement Partner
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