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Manage job listings

How To Get The Most Out Of Job Listings Using A RMS

These tools make you more efficient at working your recruitment magic. Let the built-in workflows guide you to making the placement.
Jul 12, 2022/by Placement Partner
Recruiting with Spreadsheets vs a recruitment management system

Recruiting with Spreadsheets vs a Recruitment Management System: Pros and Cons

Let's take a look at the two most common strategies for managing recruitment.
May 3, 2022/by Placement Partner
Help videos

How-To Access Help Videos in Placement Partner

Have you ever wanted a quick presentation of a feature or tool in Placement Partner?
Apr 12, 2022/by Placement Partner

Placement Comparison 2019 / 2021

Our reports show a positive upward trend in placements and we expect 2022 to surprise us with new opportunities and a further increase in placement stats.
Jan 29, 2022/by Placement Partner
Business statistics

23X More Business for 20% Less

We compare SMS vs Email. Is SMS still a viable marketing and communication tool for businesses and prospects?
Nov 17, 2021/by Placement Partner
Video interview

Video Interview Tool – The Candidate Perspective

As a Placement Partner user you'll have the added benefit of including and tracking video as part of your process.
Sep 2, 2021/by Placement Partner

Personalised Bulk SMS

Kathleen shares practical examples of how easy it is to add your recipients to a bulk SMS from your Postbox, Candidates or Client database.
Aug 24, 2021/by Placement Partner

Get the most from Reminders

We are not capable of remembering everything. Offloading some of our responsibilities to technology might free up mental space for more important duties.
Aug 18, 2021/by Placement Partner
Zoom meeting

Zoom integration

If you haven't already, complete your Zoom Integration by following this simple How To Zoom Integration Guide.
Aug 12, 2021/by Placement Partner