South Africa’s Favourite Recruitment Software System

A cloud recruitment software solution that has evolved over a decade to become the ultimate recruitment and CRM tool, helping you leverage your own data into Making More Placements.

By using the best the Internet has to offer, Placement Partner has been specifically designed to be:

– Simple To Use       – Easy To Understand       – Customisable To Suit Any Recruitment Business

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Manage all your company vacancies in one central place with the Vacancy Management module. Create client-specific vacancies for temporary, permanent or contract positions. Reduce administration tasks, using our step-by-step process, and deliver faster turn-around times.



The Placement Partner system includes an essential CRM tool for you to keep comprehensive client records. The CRM function includes date and time stamps, and allows consultants to detail their interactions with clients. Use the system’s reminder functionality to simplify task management so that tasks can be followed up on and marked as complete.



Use Placement Partner’s recruitment software to streamline vacancy management, save time, manage essential business data and make successful placements.



This recruitment software system documents the entire vacancy process, delivering detailed reports so your business runs more efficiently. Automate your management requirements by using Placement Partner to generate client or account manager-specific reports.


Want to find out more? Let us show you exactly how to maintain more accurate data, speed up your recruitment process and operate more efficiently.


Placement Partner Post Box

Manage all incoming CV’s from social media, your website and job portals from one place: Your Post Box

Placement Partner’s Post Box stores candidates’ CVs until they have been screened and qualified. Once this is done, they are moved over to the Candidate database. Use Placement Partner to filter the most qualified candidates for every position.

The Post Box storage function ensures that candidate CVs are retained, so you can always return to the Post Box if you do not find a suitable placement in your main database.

Centralised your Data = Leverage your Data

By centralising all your data, you can get more value from it. Reporting and metrics are easier. Search is greatly enhanced. Collaboration is possible, bringing out the synergy between your staff and even branches. It all helps to improve your bottomline.

Advertising and Ad Response – Centralised!

Using Placement Partner, you can share your adverts on almost ALL your channels simultaneously. We’re talking about your own website, your social media, your leading job boards, with a few clicks of the mouse. But even better, the responding candidates CV’s end up inside your own database! Yes, real two-way integration that saves serious time. Enabling you to MAKE MORE PLACEMENTS.

Use Placement Partner for Your Client Management

Store and access CRM and billing data to manage your clients. Use the client history function to pull client or account manager-specific reports. Find the billing data and contact info you need to get back to your clients. Deliver more in a shorter turn-around.


Sound good? Let us show you exactly how to maintain more accurate data, speed up your recruitment process and operate more efficiently.