If you’re here, it is because you have been hard at work looking for that career opportunity to take you closer to your goals. Keep up the great work! Placement Partner is not a recruitment agency, so we can’t go the whole way to finding you that dream job. BUT we do support the TOP Recruitment Agencies in South Africa who can.

Let’s set you back on track…

1) If you have queries about the job you are applying for:

Navigate back to the job application screen for the position you were applying for before you landed on the Placement Partner website.

Take note of the agency name/logo at the top of the application screen. This is the name of the recruitment agency that is advertising the position.

Contact the agency using the details on their website. They will be knowledgeable about the role you wish to apply for.

2) If you are battling to apply for a position via the Placement Partner application screen:

Ensure that the CV that you are uploading is in PDF or Word format.
Ensure the size of your CV you wish to submit is 2MB or less. If you need to compress you CV before uploading it, here is an easy and free way to do this:

Do not attempt to attach your CV from a cloud storage drive (like Google Drive
or One Drive). The CV should be on your computer desktop or in a local file.

Ensure that all *compulsory fields are completed correctly and in full.
This includes ticking the boxes to signal you have read their privacy policy detail or agree to the terms of conditions for applying via their platform.

If the role you are applying for requires a lot of information, sometimes compulsory fields are hidden, so the application screen doesn’t appear so long.

So look out for    which you can click to open the fields.

Still feeling puzzled?

If your question relates to a specific vacancy or looking for a job in general,
contact the recruitment agency directly.
If your question relates to the Placement Partner application screen, contact

Keep it up! You are one step closer to greatness