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General Questions

What is Placement Partner?

Placement Partner is a placement software system, especially designed to enable recruitment companies to work more efficiently and make more placements.

Is Placement Partner An Online Recruitment Service or Job Board?

No. Placement Partner is a recruitment system that handles all aspects of recruitment, including providing a convenient way to place you job ads on your website and major job boards and then manage the applications that you receive.

Why Is Placement Partner Web-Based?

First and foremost, user friendliness. Most users are already familiar with web based applications. (e.g. Internet Banking)

Secondly, no special networks or servers are required to use Placement Partner’s placement software.

Questions About Features

Can We Advertise Our Current Jobs Online?

Yes. With Placement Partner you can advertise your current jobs on either your own web site or on the major Internet job boards with the press of a button.

Can Candidates Apply for Online Advertised Jobs?
Yes. Candidates applying for positions online via your company web site or via Internet job boards will automatically be transferred to your Placement Partner database.
Can We Send Bulk SMS To Our Candidates and Clients?

Yes. Placement Partner provides a great way to send SMS, either in bulk or individually.

For example: With just a couple of clicks you can send an SMS to all accountants currently interested in a contract position or all fitters in the Pretoria area.

This is a great way to communicate with candidates and clients and can save you lots of time and money by avoiding time consuming phone calls.

Can The System Automatically Generate Documents Such As CV's?

Yes. Templates are used to automatically generate documents from the data stored in Placement Partner.

A typical example of this is to automatically generate standardised CV’s which can be sent directly to your clients.

Can We Store Files In the Placement Partner Database?

Yes. Placement Partner was designed to store candidate CV files and many other files with each candidate’s and client’s record.

Does The System Support Contractors and Temps?

Yes. Vacancy management in our placement software provides full functionality for permanent placements, contractors and temps.

The contractor and temp module not only manages the selection and placement process of contractors and temps, it also manages their assignments.

Questions About Access & Pricing

Can I Share Information Between Branches Of My Company?
Yes. Placement Partner can be accessed from any Internet connection. Each of your branches only require an Internet connection such as ADSL or 3G.
Can Anyone On The Internet Access Our Database?

No. Placement Partner is password protected and is hosted on an encrypted secure connection which makes unauthorised access virtually impossible.

An unfortunate reality today is that a server, located in your office building, is far more likely to be stolen than someone gaining unauthorised access to your data via a secure connection.

Our servers, with your data on, are located in a high security data center and we keep the location of our servers strictly confidential.

How Does The Pricing Structure Work?

Placement Partner is charged on a monthly subscription basis, based on the number of users.