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South Africa’s Favourite Recruitment Software System

From advertising your vacancies, to managing client data and providing after-sales support, Placement Partner’s cloud recruitment software is with you every step of the way.

We’ve engineered Placement Partner to be full of the features we know recruiters need to make placements faster. Our cloud recruitment software is intuitive and easy to use, and it’s designed to save you valuable time.


    Let all your ad-responses company-wide flow into a single repository where you can search, filter and process massive ad response to find that needle in a haystack. Then move it to your Candidate Database. Think of it as quarantine for candidates.


    The Candidate Database stores detailed records of each of your candidates.

    Once candidates are in your database, you can perform detailed searches, automatically match them to job specs, automatically generate CV's in your company format, send them SMS'es and much more.

    The Candidate Database also allows you to store files, such as original CV, copy of qualifications or copy of ID, with each record.


    The Vacancy Management module allows you to manage all the vacancies (or Job Specs) in your company in one place. You are able to create client specific vacancies for temp, perm or contract positions.

    Each vacancy type follows a 'step by step' process and minimises your admin to ensure quick turn around times.

    As the vacancy process is documented on our cloud recruitment software detailed reports are readily available.


    The CRM function is an invaluable tool on the system. Time and date stamps together with consultant notes result in a comprehensive client record.

    Consultants can set reminders to follow up on certain tasks and tick them off as they complete them.

    The system can generate reports specific to a client or account manager, detailing the interaction with specific contacts at the client to manage the relationship more effectively.


    Give your clients superior service with our built in After-Sales features.

    Placement Partner further provides many other features and tools. These include reports (all reports can be exported into Excel), custom documents, bulk SMS'ing (to which recipients can reply), an electronic diary and the ability to customise your system to suit your specific needs.

    Email and telephonic support is included at no additional cost.


    Let Placement Partner's cloud recruitment software become your digital diary with everything from interviews to follow-ups to birthdays on one screen. We've engineered it to make your working life that much easier, and to ensure your clients receive only the best in customer service.

  • SMS

    Placement Partner makes the recruitment process easy for you. Quickly text a candidate or client, or bulk SMS your temps. Outgoing and incoming messages are saved and logged. Cut down on the costs of phone calls and save valuable time. Time you can use to make that placement faster.


    Get your vacancy known to the world via seamless two-way integration with your website, job boards and social media channels that candidates are using. Attract the right candidates fast. Let Placement Partner do the work for you.


Sound good? Let us show you exactly how to maintain more accurate data, speed up your recruitment process and operate more efficiently.

The Web-Based Solution of Choice For The Recruitment Industry


Placement Partner is an all-in-one cloud recruitment system designed to run your recruitment business more efficiently. It’s an intuitive, web-based interface that allows for smooth internal and external communication, using modern technologies, to make your working life that much simpler and easier.

Placement Partner has more than 10 years of development and a proven track record in the recruitment industry behind us. With Placement Partner your business can:

  • Reduce the time spent on administration tasks by automating your recruitment functions
  • Get more accurate reports and data
  • Manage client relationships more professionally and effectively with Placement Partners CRM functionality
  • Make more placements in less time
  • Customise the interface to perform optimally in your business
  • Take advantage of our full support structure, available with your monthly subscription

Let us come and show you Placement Partner in action: Request a demo.