Placement Partner is a full-featured and fully supported recruiting software system, ATS and RMS, supporting integration with all major South African job boards, social media and any company website.

As the leading software system in South Africa, Placement Partner has the largest client base enabling the required investment needed to evolve to meet the latest needs of recruiters in a high paced ever-changing job market, ensuring more successful placements more often.


From humble beginnings in 2001, operating from a small shared office, a product called CV Warehouse was born. By 2006, the product had evolved to become Placement Partner, South Africa’s first online recruitment software management product, serviced from comfortable offices in Gauteng and Cape Town, with regular visits to other major centres.

We were fortunate in that expert recruiters from several established agencies assisted with the design and development of the software to suit the needs of recruiters in South Africa. To this day the input of our clients continues to be our source of inspiration in our development cycle.

Now in use by thousands of recruiters across the country, our core values have remained the same – never lose sight of our clients, support them well and help them grow. In a nutshell: “Happy clients, happy Placement Partner!”

Our business model intertwines our success with the success of all those in the Placement Partner family, be they clients, integration partners or staff.

Our mission is to put even more recruitment happiness into South Africa’s favourite recruitment software system.


Being the providers of South Africa’s favourite recruitment management system, we are expected to do more than host a piece of well-written software. More than software, we provide all the support you would expect from a partner to whom you are entrusting your most important intellectual asset: your data. We help you leverage that data to maximum effect.

We realise there are countless ATS / RMS / recruitment systems out there to choose from, but we distinguish ourselves from the “one size fits world” systems, the startups, the chancers and those having a punt in the SA market. We’re Placement Partner, we’re focussed and we’re here to stay and to continue to provide the South African recruiter with the best possible recruitment software and service relationship money can’t buy.

Ultimately, we are all assisting people looking for great jobs and employers looking for great people. Thousands of people per month find jobs through recruiters “powered by Placement Partner”. The better we can assist you as a recruiter, the better for all.

We share in your success as you grow, you share in our success as we find more ways to help you grow. It’s a partnership