Why use Placement Partner as your recruitment system?

You’ve already got a recruitment system going (or maybe you don’t). It’s working OK for you and you’re just wondering whether there’s something better out there? Something that makes the task of putting people in careers just that little bit easier, simpler or faster.

Most times, the answer is yes. Let’s have a conversation and perhaps Placement Partner is a fit for your business. Perhaps we can improve your bottom line, reduce frustration and free up some time. If not, you’re doing very well already. But we’re confident that we can add value to your recruitment process, which is why we’d love to come out and see you to show you what we have to offer.

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Want to find out more? Let us show you exactly how to maintain more accurate data, speed up your recruitment process and operate more efficiently.

Secure. Centralised.

Keep all essential business data in one central, secure and accessible place.

Ease Of Use.

Work faster with less effort. Do more. Find the right candidate for the right position.

Be Proactive.

Manage your job orders more effectively: clients & vacancies.

Customise. Optimise.

Customise Placement Partner to run your business optimally.

Placement Partner is a cloud service

This means:
  • You do not require any IT infrastructure to set it up or use
  • All you need for access to essential business data is a computer and internet connection.

Why cloud?

Well, instead of buying a recruitment system package as a product and never hearing from the seller again, Placement Partner offers our web-based technology as a service, which means you pay a monthly subscription and receive all the support you need for the system to run optimally in your business. You also have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

The SaaS model is mutually beneficial: you get the service and support and we have the continued revenue stream to continue to develop and deliver a top quality service offering. And, because our digital world is moving at such an accelerated pace, you’ve got the peace of mind that you will not be stuck with last year’s technology.

Improvement in Accuracy
Reduction in Time to Fill Vacancies

Why It Works

More Than A Decade Of Experience And Development In The Recruitment Industry

Placement Partner has been developing our service for more than 10 years. Over the last decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of recruitment companies, and we’ve taken the insight and feedback we’ve received and built it into our service offering. We’ve got a model that works and a track record to prove it.

A Product Designed And Engineered Exclusively For The Recruitment Industry

Placement Partner works exclusively with the recruitment industry. Our business has been structured so that our clients receive industry-specific advice, service, training and products.

Full Training And Support Is Part Of The Package

Our dedicated training team is on hand to train you, so that your business gets the best out of Placement Partner.


Want to find out more? Let us show you exactly how to maintain more accurate data, speed up your recruitment process and operate more efficiently.