Overseas systems and even entry-level local systems tend not to be able to offer local text messaging. Placement Partner has tightly integrated and fully-fledged SMS features:

  • Bilateral SMS means that candidates can ANSWER your SMS by simply replying
  • Messages SENT and RECEIVED are RECORDED on their profiles!
  • Quick SMS allows you to send an SMS to any person in your database in the blink of an eye, quicker even than sending one on your phone. And it’s recorded automatically. “Dear @Name, would you be interested & available for this position? #link to vacancy”
  • You can post-date SMS “Dear @Name, Happy Birthday! Best wishes from your favourite recruiter”
  • Bulk SMS – create a list from any of your databases or upload your own list e.g. call-centre operators “Available to start 1 October? Simply answer YES for more info!”
  • Templates – use your own SMS templates to compose standard messages e.g. Dear @name, please see our new website for available positions, regards @recruiter”


Latency – it’s a thing. While entry-level and even some high-end systems tend to be hosted in low-cost data-centres thousands of kilometres away, our server cluster is locally hosted on the fastest servers available. That means you don’t wait as long for page loads. You can be offered all the features in the world, but a slow system will ruin the experience. We have full control over our servers and are not at the mercy of random updates and policy changes by our provider, which is not the case when you are a small fish hosted at a global provider.


The Placement Partner PostBox is a feature that not many competitors have. The reason is that it requires an entire extra database with UNLIMITED capacity which needs to be fully searchable, be able to identify duplicates as they arise and allow both bulk operations as well as screening

notes, quick view capability and of course facilitate the easy capturing of data for candidates that have been selected for pulling across to the quality Candidate Database. In this way one avoids flooding your candidate database with incomplete data or candidates that aren’t skilled enough or suitable for the type of positions you typically fill.


Lastly there is the matter of cost-effectiveness. Since inception, we have always kept our price adjustments in line with CPI inflation – there has never been an increase beyond inflationary adjustments. So you have the peace of mind that your system will scale according to your needs and the price will always be fair.

We don’t play games with our pricing – the last thing you want to find out is that your competitor is paying less per user for their Placement Partner than you are. Our price-list, referral discount and bulk discount structure is the same for all. And of course it’s in good old ZAR, so currency fluctuations and forex fees aren’t a worry.