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Set Reminders

How to set reminders

Learn how to add reminders in your Placement Partner account. Watch the video for a visual demonstration.
Aug 5, 2021/by Placement Partner
recruiting with sms

Recruiting with SMS

We don’t need to look far to see how obsessed most individuals are with their phones and how quickly you respond to messages on SMS and WhatsApp.
May 27, 2021/by Placement Partner
Visual and interactive graphs

Visual and Interactive Graphs

When you click into either your Postbox, Candidate or Clients Module, you are now going to be met with real time graphs of your business.
May 14, 2021/by Placement Partner

Did somebody say email integration?

Set up your email integration using this “Email Integration How-To Guide” & watch this short video to learn how to optimise your client CRM.
Apr 14, 2021/by Placement Partner

Retain and Attract Clients

Learn how to retain and attract clients. The Placement Partner System is made for the South African recruiter.
Mar 30, 2021/by Placement Partner

Develop your Rhythm with the Reminders Tool

One of the tools we find critical to support our methodology is the REMINDERS MODULE in our very own Placement Partner Recruitment Software.
Mar 16, 2021/by Placement Partner

Calvin demos how to advertise smartly!

Get to know your reporting tools within Placement Partner to learn which platforms are driving the most traffic and result in...
Mar 2, 2021/by Placement Partner
perfect candidate

Quick Search – Find that perfect candidate faster!

The system hosts a variety of quick search options in the Post Box Module, Candidate Module as well as a quick link to the...
Feb 23, 2021/by Placement Partner

Collaboration is key!

Collaboration makes us valuable. Our clients are looking for more than a service or product. They want a provider who can offer...
Feb 16, 2021/by Placement Partner