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Attract more clients with the FREE hot list tool

Set yourself above the competition with the hot list tool, by showcasing your top talent that are ready on your website.
Feb 2, 2021/by Placement Partner

Reduce your time to hire by 2 to 4 weeks!

The video feature is a unique tool that many Placement Partner clients have enjoyed over the last few years, but since recently launching V8...
Jan 25, 2021/by Placement Partner

The 5 P’s – Get a head start in 2021

We look at the 5 P's - A good way to do this is to set time aside to reflect purposefully about: What happened and didn’t?
Jan 4, 2021/by Placement Partner

V8 Brings a competitive edge

Placement Partner V8 offers fast, accurate and intuitive candidate search capabilities enabling recruiters to sift through the increasing...
Dec 15, 2020/by Placement Partner

Placement Partner V8 is ready!

Placement Partner V8 will bring you: Familiar, yet effortless. We've re-looked at all the actions a recruiter takes...
Dec 2, 2020/by Placement Partner

APSO Virtual 2020 Conference

The Placement Partner team are proud to be one of the official sponsors for this year’s APSO RECRUITMENT CONFERENCE 2020, featuring a panel..
Nov 16, 2020/by Placement Partner

Recruitment Statistics with MJ from PNET

In the last week, MJ Bronkhorst, Sales Director for PNET chatted to Shirley Anderson at Placement Partner to share some interesting...
Nov 10, 2020/by Placement Partner

Recruitment Statistics rise in October

Congratulations to all recruiters powered by Placement Partner for an incredible October, achieving the highest number of Placements since pre...
Nov 2, 2020/by Placement Partner

The Game Changer Index with Shannon

Shannon is offering a free consultation to all Recruiters who are curious about how this assessment can be added to their tool belt.
Oct 26, 2020/by Placement Partner