What We Do

Now matured to version 6.4, Placement Partner is a complete candidate tracking and recruiting software system, supporting integration with major job boards and any existing company website.

Continuous enhancements to the recruiting software system have seen the development of a rich feature set and the ability to deal with increased demand from the market, ensuring more successful placements more often.


The Story Behind Placement Partner

Way back in the year 2001 AD, Mr Anton Menkveld: engineer, programmer, inventor and soon-to-be Architect of Placement Partner, had a vision of a recruiting software system that could make his wife’s job at a prominent recruitment firm a little easier. This was before the days of DSL Internet, when Internet was still delivered with the milk and newspaper every morning.

But the clouds of faster Internet were gathering. Knowing what was to come, he produced CV Warehouse, a simple database tool for storing, searching and retrieving information about candidates. It was a hit. Further development was encouraged.

Soon Placement Partner was born, nursed, weaned, nurtured and raised through the teenage years and adolescence, with the help of a team of fresh minds and the input from an ever-growing pool of clients into what it is now: South Africa’s favourite recruiting software system, capable of delivering an easier way to thousands of recruiters across the country and beyond, enabling them to Make More Placements.

The system has come a long way since then. Placement Partner is now the recognised recruiting software system of choice for the recruitment industry, with ten years of development and experience behind it, endorsed by a solid client base.

Today, thousands of recruiters are using this software system to reduce time spent on administration, produce accurate reports and data, and make placements faster.

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