The Placement Partner Team are continuously developing and improving Placement Partner.

These are some of the new improvements to the system:

  1. The quality database search result page now has Job Sectors and Functions included. If you specify a sector or job function in your search, these will be highlighted in your search result (and will also appear on the excel spreadsheet).  We have also added two headings, ‘DC‘ which shows the data consultant, who captured the candidate information and ‘RC‘, the recruitment consultant who owns the candidate.
  2. The Postbox has been upgraded! CV contents searching and searching without specifying any criteria is now even faster. Search highlighting has been improved in the postbox search results and we have also been able to clean up the candidate records in the Post Box, which do not have an actual CV attached, making it easier to view the information.

As always, we welcome your feedback and would love to know what you think of the new developments on the system.

The Placement Partner Team