Well Done Team Parallel!

514 km of gruelling trekking, kayaking, cycling and rope work was completed by Team Parallel in 106 hours to finish in an incredible 15th Place!

The route took the team through farmlands, grasslands, marshes, coast line, lagoons, rivers and the Baviaanskloof!

The teams experienced unparalleled beauty and wilderness with various highlights including the Harbour, Cape St Francis beach, shipwrecks, canals, dams, farm huts, tunnels, buffalo paths, mountain passes, abseiling across the Gamtoos River and not to mention unspoiled flora and fauna.

The team ended at Cape St Francis Resort to celebrate an exceptional achievement with memories and views only known to the incredible contestants.

This year they kept their wits about them, strayed on track and slept only when completely necessary and on whichever terrain they found themselves on.


Well Done Team Parallel!