Today’s Terrific Time Saving Tip

Did you know you can drag and drop documents into any upload box on
Placement Partner?

No? Well, you’re not alone! During our routine catch-ups with you, our valuable clients, we
noted that few were aware of this nifty little feature. In terms of saving you valuable time, we
thought this was too good not to share.


Here’s how it works:

Simply left-click on the file you need to upload, drag it over to the relevant box and release!


Be sure to drop it inside the file name box (the ‘No file selected’ box below) and not on the
‘Choose File’ button on the screen background. Remember: It goes inside, not on top.


The upload is done instantly and you will know it has been uploaded successfully when the file
name appears in the box.


We hope this little titbit will save you those valuable minutes and make your life that much

Let us know what you think?

Happy recruiting!