As a recruiter, you are often faced with a pile of CV’s containing varied qualifications and levels of experience, all in application for the same vacancy.  So how do you compare the CV’s, quickly and accurately in order to put the best candidates forward for the position, without wading through piles of information?

One of our favourite features on the Placement Partner system is the Comparison List.  When you search your quality database, you can click on the comparison list button, (which appears at the top of your search result), and all the candidates listed in the search result, will be exported into an excel spreadsheet,  where you will be able to compare them.  The comparison list contains details of the candidates’ employment status, availability, salary, location, skills, education level, academic qualifications and employment history. This makes is easy for you to quickly and accurately compare candidates!

The advantages of the comparison list don’t end there; the list does not contain any contact details, so you can even send this list to your clients for them to get an overview of the candidates available.  They can then choose from this list and you can forward the full CV’s to them.

It’s also a great tool for consultant’s running a Temp desk.  Bulk orders are much easier to fill when you can view the prospective candidates in a manageable list.

So where is this comparison list?  Click on the Excel button directly above your candidate search results, all the candidate information from your search results will be exported into the spreadsheet.

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