Team Parallel: Expedition Africa 2018

Expedition Africa is part of the The Adventure Racing World Series

This year on the West Coast our Team Parallel will be placed as Team #14!


What is Expedition Africa?

Expedition Africa is an adventure racing event that covers over 530kms in a period of up to 1 week.

A total of 52 teams will take part in Expedition Africa Namaqua West Coast this year with teams from countries including the US, UK, Russia, Switzerland, France, Japan and Norway lining up at the start. The ultimate in adventure racing!

  • Adventure racing is a multi-discipline endurance sport where competitors compete in teams, navigating from control point to control point in a number of disciplines.
  • Disciplines include: mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, rope work and orienteering. Teams are expected to navigate using a map and landmarks. Teams must be able to operate in harsh remote environments in all weather conditions.
  • Teams travel through day and night, they can decide if, when and where to rest

This is a gruelling outdoor event and we are so excited to see what happens this year!

“Race village is bustling with excitement as athletes from all over the world gather for this year’s Expedition Africa. Over the past two days, athletes have trickled into Vanrynsdorp, meeting team mates, catching up with foreign friends and essentially reuniting their ‘adventure racing family’.”

This was posted this morning to show the immense excitement as teammates arrive for the Expedition Africa 2018 Event!

The race starts on Sunday 20 May and you keep up to date with live tracking here!

and be sure to keep track of Team Parallel on their Facebook Group!