Searching the Quality Database

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Your quality database (QDB) stores your quality candidate records. It is very different to your Post Box in that the information on the candidate’s record has been updated, verified and completed.  In the Post Box you rely on the candidates CV for most of the information whereas in the QDB you have a profile of information.  What this all means is that the tricks you use to find new talent in the Post Box are not necessarily going to be effective when searching your QDB.

So how should you search your QDB?  I am so glad you asked!  Try this:



1 – Start with Sector and Job Function: This really is the best place to start.  Pull the right ‘file’ first and then we can focus on the details.

2 – Refine your search: Once you have the candidates from the relevant sector and job function/s, enter one ‘knock out factor”, one criteria that is vital, for example a tertiary qualification.

3 – Refine your search again: Once you have narrowed down your search result to candidates who have what is essential, you can start getting picky and put in more criteria such as gender, equity, availability or even the ‘nice to have’ skills and experience.

Don’t begin your search by searching on Personal Information and don’t begin by searching with keywords in the CV contents field.

As a ‘rule of thumb’: start your search with the sector and job function/s and end with keywords.

Your Placement Partner Team