Save on your monthly subscription!

We are very happy to announce our Placement Partner Referral Discount Scheme formally today!

This scheme is designed to reward our loyal customers for saying great things about Placement Partner and referring other clients to us.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell all your friends and everyone in your network about Placement Partner and the great service you receive from the Placement Partner Team.
  2. A company that you told about us, becomes part of the Placement Partner family.
  3. You automatically receive a discount from then on, every single month as long as that company remains our client.

How much discount do I get, you ask? Well, that will depend on how many users the new company has. You will receive 0,5% discount for each referred user. So if you have referred a company with 20 users to us, you will get 10% discount every single month.

We will even give you the discount, from this month onwards, on companies that you referred to us before we started this scheme. If you have referred a company to us before that we might not be aware of, please let us know and start receiving your discount today!

This referral discount scheme forms part of our greater vision and strategy to bring you, our valued customers, more and more value. We have embarked on a journey to not only make Placement Partner even better, but also to give you unrivalled service. There are a number of very exciting developments in the pipeline for 2011 so watch this space.

We would further like to encourage you to give us feedback. We will never hide behind a call center, we want to talk to our customers and hear your thoughts first hand, so please give us a call, drop us an email or complete the feedback form. We would love to hear from you.

Have a great week!  (those of us still working and not already lazing on a beach somewhere :-) )

The Placement Partner Team