New functionality makes candidate browsing an effortless experience.

Web technology is growing evermore dynamic and streamlined everyday, new features and enhancements are blossoming everywhere; and Placement Partner is keeping you on the cutting edge.

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Our Development Lab have been busily conjuring up new features, the latest of which was deployed last week Friday. Extending upon the ‘Source Notes to Vacancies’, the Postbox now brings candidate information into your search result page at the click of a button – this without even having to leave the page.

No more do you have to jump between the candidate record split-page and the search results list!

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This major Postbox upgrade was inspired by positive feedback and suggestions from long time Placement Partner users who found it to be an excellent time saver; which is ultimately what we aim to achieve. We hope that you also reap the rewards of this on-demand data display which, as an added benefit, makes your page load times quicker.

Happy recruiting!
The Placement Partner Development Team.