Optimising Post Box Searching

The best 3 ways to search your Post Box

Getting a handle on your ever growing Post Box can be quite challenging if you are not confident on how to search for good quality candidates.  The three ways outlined below are the most effective ways of searching your Post Box. Each search type will help you find particular candidates according to different search criteria.


Sector & Job Function Searching

Searching on Sector and Job function is an effective way to search for quality candidates.  Use the same principles you would use in searching your quality database:  start wide by selecting a Sector and one or more Job Functions.  This points the system in the right direction and will return results for all candidates in that particular sector and job function.  You can then refine your search and add additional criteria to further narrow down your search results. You can refine your search as many times as you wish in order to return a short list of candidates who meet your criteria.  (This search option is particularly effective in returning search results for candidates who have submitted their CV’s via your website because candidates will need to select their sector/s and job function/s when capturing their information.)


CV Contents searching

Searching using the CV Contents search option is a ‘fail safe’ way to search for quality candidates. You will need to enter keywords or exact phrases into the CV Contents search box. The search engine searches the candidates original CV, for the exact words entered in the search box.  The keywords which you enter will be highlighted on the candidates original CV on the search results, which shows exactly how closely the candidate matches your search.  Remember the hints above the search box: To search for exact phrases, use quotes. eg.“Financial Manager”. To search for all keywords specified, use AND between the words. eg. Financial AND Manager. Use a space if you wish to find any of the keywords specified eg. Financial Manager.  (This search option is particularly effective in searching candidates who have submitted their CV’s via Pnet and your website because it is compulsory for candidates from these sources to attach their original CV.)  


Source Reference / Description

What if you just want to see candidates who have responded to a particular vacancy? It’s as easy as searching on that particular vacancy’s reference number.  Simply enter the reference number into the Source Ref./Desc box and click search.  All candidates who have applied for that particular position will appear in your search results. (This search option is specific to candidates who have applied for a position, whether it is through one of the job portals or your website.)

Remember, once you have found a quality candidate in the Post Box, it is important to check the candidate’s record carefully and update the record before you transfer it to your quality database.

Happy hunting!

The Placement Partner Team