New Look & Feel for Tick-boxes on Placement Partner!

We have noticed that some of our valued users sometimes forget to tick the all-important tick-boxes that exist throughout the Placement Partner system, which results in stats being incorrect or adverts mistakenly not going live in some cases.

So we, here at Placement Partner, have decided to “spruce up” the tick-boxes and make them bolder and more colourful to remind you to make those adverts live; complete those client & candidate reminders; record sending those CVs out and to tick all the other necessary and helpful tick-boxes that exist throughout your system.
Once you have completed or ticked the box you will see that the box changes from yellow (un-ticked box) to a nice bright blue tick to confirm that you have completed the action! :)

We trust that this is helpful to you!
Just Click Ctrl + F5 to refresh and make this live!

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions!

support@parallel.co.za / 012 345 1495

The Placement Partner Team