New functionality, new “look & feel”!

Placement Partner has a brand new look! Thanks to the efforts of our Tech Team, the system now boasts a fabulous new look and feel. But because we are “more than just a pretty face”, we have added a whole host of new features!

Look out for these new features and more:

SMS’ing can now be done from anywhere in the system, without being re-directed to the SMS page.  Click on a cellphone number, a window will open with the details inserted, type up your SMS and Send!


The Post Box has been added as a source for SMS recipients, making bulk correspondence a synch.

The Quality Database now includes the option to preview a candidate’s original CV and also to see a more comprehensive summary on the candidate, on the search results page.


The font size on Placement Partner is now dynamic and can be adjusted to your preference

Lastly, we are thrilled to launch our new interactive Help Menu.  Not only does the Help Menu know what section you require assistance with, but will soon include short video tutorials to help you with the different areas of the system. The Help Menu is very comprehensive and replaces the Placement Partner user manual.

We would love to know what you think of our new look and feel and our new features – feel free to email us at support@parallel.co.za .

The Placement Partner Team