Making Your Life Easier

New Features

The Crazy Life Of A Recruiter.  Every Reminder Helps To Make Your Life Easier.

You’re all familiar with the “To Outlook” link next to reminders. But now it’s gone! It’s been replaced by two icons, one for Outlook and one for Gmail.

Placement Partner now allows you to export all Interviews and reminders to your Gmail calendar.

On your Send Out Tab in Vacancies just click on the “To Outlook” or “To Gmail” buttons. Save your reminder and never forget another interview.

Plus: you used to have to click Apply at the bottom of the page before sending the reminder to your calendar. Not anymore! Save mouseclicks and just click one button.


Add the personal touch by exporting Reminders, such as a Client’s Birthday, to either Outlook or Gmail.

The two icons next to each reminder allows you to do so.


Find All Candidate’s Currently / Previously Employed By A Certain Company.

The Candidate Search page now has an option to search via Current or Previous Employer.

Invoicing, Invoicing, Invoicing.

Save time by clicking Add/Save on the Placements (Permanent Placement) or Assignments (Temporary Placement) Tab.

No need to click Apply on the bottom of the page to effect the changes.

Editing and creating invoices just became less time consuming.