New Feature: Live Updates

We have added a great new time saving feature to help you leverage your Ad Response

You will now see the “double avatar” icon if there is a duplication of a candidate already in your Quality Database.

If one record is in the Postbox and the other is in the Quality Database, the Postbox will show this icon.

Changes in telephones numbers, email addresses, additional qualifications / employment history etc. from the Postbox record to the Quality Database record.


How Does It Work?

When you click this icon, the following split screen will appear, with tick boxes next to information that differs from that in the Quality Database.

In the example below you will see that the “Known As”, “Cellphone” and “Email” fields have different values, and they are distinguished by the tick box.

You now have the ability to tick the boxes for the information required to change in the Quality Database. For our example we will tick the “Cellphone” tickbox – to reflect the new cellphone number in our Quality Database.

Once your changes are saved, your Quality Database will be updated as below.

Let us know what you think and if you like it!

Happy Recruiting!