New feature: Add CV to Postbox

At Placement Partner, we are constantly looking at ways to enable our users to work smarter without sacrificing security and the quality of candidate data. As you know, the design ideas for Placement Partner often tend to come from you guys, our clients. This is another one of those.

We realized that many recruiters are adding candidates to their Postboxes by using the “Submit your CV” form on their own company websites to save time in this demanding industry. This method allows a recruiter to quickly capture just the candidate’s contact details and searchable CV, without having to capture all the compulsory fields in New Candidate. The candidate is then in the Postbox where the split screen helps you to drag and drop info from the candidates’ CV more easily than if you were capturing manually.

So thanks once again to your ingenuity, we decided to make this an official feature accessible from within Placement Partner.

The new Add CV feature will enable you as users to load your Candidate’s CV’s into the Postbox from within the Placement Partner System.

Screenshot of New Add to Postbox feature

The Postbox menu has been moved and is now one of the main tabs on the system.

Try out and enjoy this time saving feature on your system TODAY! We value your feedback.

For more information or assistance, please contact support@parallel.co.za

Happy Recruiting!

Your Placement Partner Team