Getting to grips with Job Requirement Search Types 

You may have noticed that we added the option to select the type of search you would like to do when searching job requirements.  You can either search ANY of the selected fields or ALL of the selected fields.  This has been added to the system to help you especially when you are searching for candidate’s who may fall into more than one job sector or fill more than one job function. The search types mean you can specify whether you would like the system to return search results that match ANY of your criteria or ALL of your criteria.

Lets look at the example above: If I were to search for candidates in my database in the ’Admin, Office & Support’ sector who have filled the job function of both ‘Call Centre Supervisor’ and ‘Call Centre Team Leader’, then I would select the search type as match ALL. However if I wear to search for candidates in my database who have either filled the job function of ‘Call Centre Supervisor’ or ‘Call Centre Team Leader’, I would select match ANY.

The default option is to match ANY of your selected fields, so remember to change the search type if you would like your search to return candidates matching ALL your criteria.

If we can be of ANY further assistance to you, please give us a ring at the office, we would love to help you with ALL of your queries!

Warm regards,

The Placement Partner Team