CONUNDRUM – Make a word using all of the following letters – only once:

Can you make 847 from any of the following numbers? Divide, Subtract, Multiply, Add…

75   9   4   10   1   7

How did you fair on solving the riddles above?

How about we take you back 10 years; sitting on your couch, eyes glued to the TV with a paper and pen in hand watching the show “A Word or 2” on SABC 2?

Admit it, we all did it. It was thought-provoking, enticing and exciting to be faced with a riddle / challenge. Try solve it and then to be shown the answer where nine times out of ten your reaction would have been something along the lines of “Ahhhh!” with a grin on your face.

And good golly, when William Smith came on and made magic with numbers! No matter how much you excluded maths from your passions in life; you admired this man and his wizardry skills with numbers.

So what’s changed? Nothing. As a recruiter you are faced with a thought-provoking, enticing and somewhat hair-pulling challenge of finding candidates. It might not be a game show featured on SABC2; but the rewards and commission that goes with it; it might as well have been.

You and your competition are the contestants, the hiring manager the host. The puzzles your challenge – what stops you from making the placement?

A recruiter’s world is fast-paced, filled with technologies, social media and phones. Time is of the essence without compromising on quality. Placement Partner is your right-hand all day long. Your dictionary, your assistant and your audience cheering you on.

Make a win; attempt the conundrum and go home with the winnings. Return to the show again and go home an even bigger winner.

Placement Partner is your cheat-book. All the answers and clues in front of you. Use it.

Bedazzle your recruiting desk and make a game show of it.


And for those of us who need a head-start; the answers to the above are simple, like when you come across THE candidate and you wonder what ever was so difficult…


84 x 10=840