Keep Going 4.5 – Continuous Improvement Culture

Introducing our next guest for the next round of Placement Partner Client Webinars. Kelly Millard is a very well known personality amongst the Placement Partner family, filling the role of Key Account Manager for the last two years. Our clients will know her not only as a friendly face but a highly resourceful and organised individual, who manages to balance this off with a fresh and creative approach.  

Having recently expanded her field of knowledge into Leadership Principles and Business Analysis through studies completed in 2019, Kelly offers some of the best practices and insights from big corporates in an easy-to-apply framework specifically tailored to Small and Medium Enterprises. 

If this global challenge has taught us anything, it is the awesome range of human adaptability and the amazing capacity for learning which each of us possesses. In this hands-on, collaborative information-gathering workshop we will draw on our collective experiences and creativity to come up with some best practices to apply with this Continuous Improvement Model.

In a time where remote work and constant change threatens to wreak havoc, this session is perfect for business leaders, consultants and support teams to attend together, as it will provide a united framework for thinking and working together to achieve success.