Introducing: Candidate Profile Pic’s

So you can put a face to a name!

Placement Partner is proud to launch Candidate Profile Pictures.   Now, you have the option to upload a picture of your candidate onto their record.  The picture will be displayed clearly on the candidates profile next to their name and as part of their basic details.

How is it done?

On the Basic page of the Candidate Record, next to Profile Picture, click on Choose File. Select the candidate’s picture saved onto your PC. Click Apply at the bottom of the page… and you are done!


As with any file attachment on Placement Partner, you will need to ensure the candidate’s picture is smaller than 2MB and also that it is either a .jpg, or .png. file.

If you require any assistance with this process, you are welcome to contact the Placement Partner Support Team, who are standing by to assist you. ( support@parallel.co.za )

The Placement Partner Team