“How will the proposed Employment Services Bill affect me?”

 If you are anything like me, you probably read the heading for this article and thought “Arrgh, more boring political and legal chatter”.  When asked to look into how the proposed Employment Services Bill could affect our clients (psst, that would be you!); my heart sank and I wondered if I would manage to get my small brain around the jargon that I presumed would be in a ‘Bill’. Boy was I wrong! What a fascinating read…really, I am not kidding! I managed to download a copy of this Bill (thanks APSO, www.apso.co.za) and apart from some fancy words and an even fancier layout, I discovered some very interesting bits of information.

Like, did you know, that if these proposed regulations are approved by our Government, all private employment agencies will be required to keep an up to date electronic and manual record of their candidates, clients and placements (Are you saying “Aaargh!” again?). In addition, you may be required to provide the Department of Labour with this information when requested?

Yes, I knew you would see the link straight away! You see if you are already making use of Placement Partner and all of its features, you would have absolutely nothing to worry about! You will always have an up to date electronic record and at the click of a mouse, you will be able to generate a report containing all your candidates and their particulars, a detailed placement report including the placed candidate and client details, all of which you can export into an excel spreadsheet and then send to the Department of Labour.

By the way I see at the bottom of this draft Bill, it says if you have any comments on this new policy, you can send an email to Thembinkosi.Mkalipi@labour.gov.za or  Maria.Briedenhann@labour.gov.za, by the 17th of Feb.  I was thinking of asking them how often they want this information, but then, because it is so easy to generate reports from Placement Partner, it won’t matter how often they require information because all you will need to do is click the relevant report button!

Can you say “Whew!”?

Til next week then,

Joanne for the Placement Partner Team