Get involved in the Placement Partner user community

The Placement Partner community of users is a unique and great group of people. Each of us is a professional involved in the recruitment industry. We are all involved in changing peoples lives by helping them with one of the most important aspects of their lives, their careers.

We would like to create a forum for you, the recruitment professional, to share your thoughts, insights and experiences with the rest of the community. We are looking for people to contribute articles on any subjects that recruiters might find interesting or useful. Here are some examples of the subjects we have in mind:

  • General business advice and insight
  • Thoughts on the state of the industry and industry trends
  • Tips and tricks on interviewing, cold-calling, etc.
  • Motivational or goal setting thoughts

At Placement Partner we strongly believe that it can not be all work and no play, so fun topics are also welcome:

  • Great restaurants, shows or any other form of entertainment
  • Tales of great travel destinations and adventures
  • Experiences that would be interesting to all of us (not about your cat having kittens please, although a miracle of nature, not so interesting to the rest of us)

There are naturally a couple of subjects we will steer clear of and we reserve the right to moderate or refuse the publishing of submitted articles.

So, please get involved by clicking here to register for your contributor account.

The Placement Partner Team