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*Update: Race report available, see below*

Parallel Software are proud to announce that we will be fielding a team for the Quantum Leap 250km unsupported adventure race to be held in Southern Namaqualand and the Northern Cederberg regions at the end of August.

Adventure Racing is a multi-disciplinary sport which pushes the boundaries of what can be considered normal in endurance racing. Each race is a once-off event and the checkpoints are placed on the course by the race director beforehand and retrieved afterwards, leaving no trace that there even was a race. The ultimate endurance sport, it tests bodies, minds and team dynamics to break point.

On this expedition race, mixed-gender teams of 4 will hike over 100km, use mountain bikes to traverse 160km+ of rugged terrain, abseil down cliffs and waterfalls up to 90m high and brave grade 4 rapids on a white water section. They will navigate their way across vast tracts of remote countryside in a non-stop race to collect checkpoints, sleeping only when necessary and ultimately end up where they started several days prior, completing a giant loop in the beautiful veld full of desert flowers and geological wonders.

Team First Ascent PlacementPartner.com consists of Kobus Steenekamp, Christine Woods, Murray Crichton and our own Ronald Jessop (captain). We wish them well on their endeavour and we will be following the live satellite tracking with interest as they make their way around the course for 3 days and nights starting from 23 August 2012 near Vanrhynsdorp. For more information on the race, click here: http://www.quantumadventures.co.za/page-content.php?pageid=77

Download Race Report here

Link to article in Do It Now magazine
Link to report on South Africa’s Adventure Racing website www.AR.co.za