How to use Placement Partner’s electronic file storage and retrieval system.


Photo by Michal Marcol

Did you know that you can attach copies of important documents to your candidates and clients records? A candidate’s original CV, copy of an ID, certificates, contracts, letters of appointments, referral letters…the list of documents you are able to attach to Placement Partner is endless.

It’s also very simple to do. There are just two things to keep in mind: the document needs to be in an electronic format which is not bigger than 2MB and make sure the document is in a format that you can open before you attach it.  In other words, if you can open and read the document before you attach it, you will be able to access and open the document after you attach it.  So yes, it can be in any format (Word, PDF, excel, etc.).  If you don’t have an electronic copy of a document, a scanned copy will work perfectly too. If the document you need is attached to an email, save it onto your desktop or into your ‘My Documents’ before you start the attachment process.

So how do I attach a document?

On the file attachments section (found in Candidates, Clients and Vacancies) click on Browse, select the folder where the document is saved on your computer and then click on the document to attach it. Click Apply to upload the document to the server.

What do I do if the document type I want to attach is not listed under file attachments?

All you need to do is to ask you Super User to please add the type for you.  The list of file attachments can be customised and your Super User can add to or edit the list of options.

Why can’t I delete a document I attached?

This is a built in security feature and helps to prevent accidental deletions of important records.  If you attached the incorrect document or attached a file to the wrong file type, simply replace it with the correct one.  The system will only save the last file attached.  The system can also only store one file per attachment type, so do not attach more than one document per file attachment option.  Example: If you have already attached a certificate to a candidate’s record and want to add another certificate, first combine the certificates into one document and then attach, or ask your Super User to add another option to attach certificates.

How do I retrieve a document that I have attached?

Click on the link next to the relevant file attachment type which says ‘Get Attachment’.  If there is no link it means a document has not been attached to that particular file option.

Confused or can’t make sense of this?  If you need any help at all, email and we will be glad to help.

The Placement Partner Team