Feature Update – Additional Search Criteria!

At Placement Partner, we strive to stay abreast of any developments in the industry by staying close to you, our clients. This has allowed us to pick up on a rising trend in the industry – As more highly skilled candidates choose to immigrate out of South Africa, there is added pressure on recruiters to be able to do effective headhunting. We’ve developed an additional search tool to assist you in finding those special candidates with ease.

Here are a couple of examples of ways you can leverage this feature to perform at your best:

On your search page in the Quality Candidate Database, under the Job Requirements section you will now find a new field labelled Position as well as a check box labelled Search for Current Position Only:

In this example, I am searching for a new Sales Person for Mercedes. They may have informed me that ex-BMW employees tend to make for a good fit and have all the required skills for the job.

On the search page I will enter BMW as the previous employer and the word Sales in the position field: 

The results will show all candidates who have a record of working in a Sales position and having worked at BMW at some point in the past.

Another example would be for headhunting purposes. Often, we are searching for candidates with scarce skills and our ad response rates may be low. This tool allows you to find all the candidates who are currently listed in this particular position.

Remember to tick the box to see only those currently working in this role!

You can apply the Boolean search functions in this search tool, using AND and OR in different variations to find all the positions which are relevant to your search. 

The system will scan through all Employment History records and pull up a list of the candidates who match your requirements. 

If you need any assistance or if you’d like to learn more about these and other beneficial search techniques, please feel free to get in touch. 

Our team of friendly and highly-skilled automation specialists would love to meet you for coffee!