Fabulous new features!

Placement Partner has a whole host of new features that have been implemented in the last week!

Many of these features have taken months of hard work, testing, programming more testing and finally implementing!


We take pleasure in listing them below:



  • The Post Box now boasts a viewed/updated column.  This enables you to see which candidates records have been read and by whom with a date and time stamp. (We hope you like this feature!)
  • The Advertising Tab on the vacancy now has an advanced editing tool.
  • The Activity Report which includes the option to view the report in chart format, has been improved even further. The consultant menu has been changed to a ‘Multi-Select’ box, so that you can specify which consultants’ activities you would like to view.  To view the report as a chart, click on the Draw Chart icon, each consultant’s activity will be displayed in their own unique colour.  You can then download the chart or print it by clicking on one of the new buttons.  Another clever feature is that you can manipulate the chart by ‘hiding’ consultants when you click on their names in the chart key.
  • The Client Activity Report has just been released!  This report lists Vacancies, Interactions and Placements and calculates the placement to vacancy Ratio.  The report has all the new features that the consultant Activity Report also has.

If you experience any difficulties as a result of these updates, please refresh your browsers cache by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and pressing F5.

We welcome your feedback and as always, are available to assist you with any problems (support@parallel.co.za).

Your ever evolving Placement Partner Team