Exciting New Features!

We are pleased to introduce two new exciting features on your Placement Partner system.

  1. Vacancy List to Post Box advert results: You no longer need to jot down, copy & paste or try and remember your vacancy reference number when wanting to search the Post Box for your advert responses.
    By simply clicking on the vacancy reference number, you will be taken straight to the Post Box to view all related advert responses.
    Vacancy List to Post Box
    How to do this?By hovering your mouse over a vacancy reference number
  2. New Access Right – Duplicate Vacancies: Up to now only Super Users were able to duplicate vacancies.
    Now the Super User is able to grant the access right to other users on the Placement Partner system to Duplicate Vacancies.New Access Right

    Where will this appear?

    To grant the access right, the Super User can go to: Maintenance => System => Access Right / User Level

Some more upgrades to the Placement Partner system are in the pipeline, so watch this space.

Until then, thank you for choosing Placement Partner!