We have exciting new things live on Placement Partner

(it’s even better than Black Friday!)

Below are some awesome cool gadgets to complement your recruiter’s desk and all the hard work you do!

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is now live on Placement Partner!

Switch to Dark Mode by navigating to Settings -> User Settings -> Accessibility -> and toggle on Dark Mode

(besides looking cool, we love that it is easier on the eyes in low light levels!)

Rate Your Confidential References

You can now rate your Online Confidential References!

Once you have received the reference for a candidate on Placement Partner (besides keeping track of the references), you can now rate them.

Each reference can be rated out of 5 stars (and yes, you can do halves if sometimes you cannot decide between adding an extra full star!)

Head on over to the reference and click the view icon (eye) and at the top you can fill in the rating in stars!

In Advert Responses You can Either Choose to View All Responses or Unread Responses

We have made it easier for you to work through the list of applications for a specific vacancy.

You can either choose to view all the responses to that vacancy, or only the unread applications!

If you hover on the vacancy reference number in your vacancy list, the tooltip is now clickable, you can either select Responses or Unread!
(Efficiency is the name of the game!)

All Postbox Applications Show in the Candidate Profile in the Quality Database

When working in your QDB (Quality Candidate Database), you can now also view all the applications the candidate applied for.

If you navigate to within the candidate profile to the Placements tab, you will also see all the applications that candidate has made to your vacancies!

(When it comes to knowing your candidate, nothing gets missed. You are like Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass)

Saved Searches Now Live for All

Some of you have asked for Saved Searches to be made live on your system; well we were feeling like it is time for EVERYONE to have this awesome feature live on their systems.

You can now save searches and recall them at a touch of a button!

(Incredibly helpful when you are specialising in a niche and do many of the same searches over and over again)

You are surely as excited as we are to have read the above!

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on support@parallel.co.za (we really do love hearing from you)!

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