It has been a week of celebrations at the Parallel office.  A member of the development team celebrated a birthday, we celebrated new clients joining the Placement Partner family and we finally had our 2010 Year end function…

Yes, we know it is already 2011, but 2010 was so busy, we could only get the Placement Partner Team all together in one place at the same time,  on the 13th January!

So, we treated ourselves to an unbelievably good dinner and the conversation around the table naturally turned to the highs and lows of 2010.  The lows were few and far between, the highs, plentiful and inspiring. 

It was clear from the flowing conversation amongst the team, just how passionate each member is about their role in Placement Partner.  Our Directors talked with great animation about the technical development, plans and vision for the new year.  The training and client care consultants discussed the full training schedule and the many flourishing clients.  The technical and admin staff chatted about their work load, past experiences and future goals.

Any observer would have seen that the Placement Partner team, love to have fun but they also know what they want, where they are going and how they are going to get there!

With your ongoing support and input, we hope that Placement Partner will bring about much success in your workplace and that you will also have reason to celebrate, in the coming days, weeks and months that lie ahead.

Have a fabulous week,

The Placement Partner team