Welcome Bizcommunity!

Placement Partner is delighted to announce that we now offer integration with Bizcommunity, a leading South African industry news site in the advertising, marketing, media, retail, automotive and related sectors.  Bizcommunity pays special attention to recruiters by having industry jobs available on their site as well as having a targeted audience pool allowing recruiters to search for good quality applicants and CVs.

Placement Partner users can make the most of this portal by integrating with Bizcommunity through the Placement Partner system. As with all our integrations, this one is also simple and fast to set up and can be done by emailing support@parallel.co.za .

If you are not already making use of Bizcommunity, they have a number of recruiter packages available and currently have a special introductory offer only for Placement Partner users which ends 30 November 2012.  For further information on this please contact Cindy Cundell on 021 680 3500 or recruitment@bizcommunity.com

Once the integration has been activated, your adverts can be published to their website through your Placement Partner system.  Candidates can simply respond to these adverts online and their records will go into your Post Box.

Happy recruiting!

Your Placement Partner Team