Adzuna Integration now LIVE!

Dear Clients

Some of you may have noticed a new source of candidates in your PostBox statistics, namely Adzuna.

That’s right, the integration with Adzuna is up and running.

What do you need to do? Nothing. Your jobs will go out to Adzuna with all your advertising channels such as your website and other integration partners.

Since their starter package is free, we’ve taken the liberty of connecting all of our clients to Adzuna, so your jobs will be on there already (I mean, who doesn’t like freebies?). Granted, on the free package they don’t get as much exposure as on the paid package, but they’re there. However should you wish to switch off the integration, just pop us a mail at support@parallel.co.za and we’ll disable it for you.


On the other hand, should you wish to upgrade your adverts on Adzuna to get more exposure, you can sign up to their pay-per-click option. The good news here is that they have an offer exclusive to Placement Partner clients: 20% discount! So give them a try, it might just be the source of great candidates you’ve been looking for.

Contact Jesse Green

Country Manager

​for Adzuna ​

South Africa

​ at jesse@adzuna.com