Adventure racing Team Parallel wins!

Adventure racing - descent to the dam

Parallel Software in action in the 2013 WCAD series

Team Parallel again entered a team in the WCAD series (pronounced Wicked) this year. A series of 5 adventure races held in the Western Cape, teams of two must navigate their way around rural and wilderness areas using map and compass. Most WCAD races are non-stop and comprise roughly 70km of mountain biking, 20km of trail running or hiking and 10km of paddling, in the shortest time possible. (visit www.wcad.co.za to join the fun)

The real Team Parallel would like to extend the adventure racing Team Parallel a hearty congratulations on their overall WIN in the final race of the series! Some Friday afternoon reading to be found here:

Click to read: The Sharp End

Just goes to show, we might do great software, but we’re not softies!