Happy FriYAY Placement Partner family!

Today we’ve got some fun ideas for the whole family. Families around the world are flexing their creative muscles with all sorts of garden adventures and creative indoor games.

Here are our top 5 for this Friday Funday:

1. Camping in the garden

This idea is especially great for parents who are keen on a bit of quiet time inside and pairs very well with a braai! 

2. Homemade Foosball table

Not only is this great for keeping kids entertained, it’s a nice substitute for any sports fanatic looking for a fix.

Here is a guide on how to make your own!

3. Build an obstacle course

This is a great way to test your creativity and keep the kids entertained while burning off some of their energy. Get involved by reversing the roles and let your kids set a course for you to try too.

4. Make some Play Dough

Play Dough is another old favourite and the creative possibilities are endless. It’s pretty simple to make your own and the kids will love getting involved in the kitchen too. All you need is:

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

1 tablespoon of oil

half to 1 cup of cold water

2 drops of liquid food colouring

Mix the flour and salt then add the water, oil and food colouring. Knead the mixture well, adding a little more flour if the consistency is too wet.

5. Take up the Koala Challenge

If you’re feeling particularly nutty and your kids are climbing the walls, then you may want to give this a go – The Koala Challenge calls for one person to act as the tree while the other tries to climb all the way around them without touching the floor.

Check it out!

Have a fantastic weekend and keep smiling!